Course to Re-Open Monday May 18th in Phase One open to members only

Phase One of re-opening begins 18th May 2020 - Members only closed to visitors at this time.

Covid -19 Update to Members

13th May 2020

Dear Baron Hill Golf Club Members,

Great News!!

Following Yesterday’s Welsh Government announcement and the attached statement from Wales Golf, we are planning to follow the guidance and re-open the course on Monday 18th May, albeit on a phased basis.

Phase 1 will be members only; play will be restricted to 1-balls only or for people living in the same household. All golfers will be required to book a tee time on our new Masterscoreboard software instructions to follow in the next few days.

These restrictions are subject to change and will be confirmed in our detailed Phase 1 plan to re-open the course that will be circulated over the weekend.

Kind Regards,

Baron Hill Golf Club

Board of Directors

Annwyl aelodau,

Yn dilyn y cyhoeddiad diweddar gan Lywodraeth Cymru a’r datganiad gan Wales Golf (sydd ynghlwm), rydym am ddilyn y canllawiau ac am ail agor y cwrs ar ddydd Llun, Mai 18ed. Byddem yn agor gam wrth gam.

Yn ystod y cam cyntaf, aelodau yn unig gaiff chwarae. Caiff aelodau unigol chwarae ar ben ei hunain neu gydag aelod arall o’r un tŷ.

Rhaid bwcio i chwarae ar lein gan ddefnyddio meddalwedd MasterScoreboard a bydd cyfarwyddiadau sut i fwcio amser chwarae i ddilyn.

Mae newidiadau i’r cyfyngiadau uchod yn bosib a byddem yn cadarnhau unrhyw newid, mewn llythyr, yn fwy manwl dros y penwythnos.

Cyfarchion gorau,

Bwrdd Rheoli Clwb Golff Baron Hill

Latest guidance from Welsh Government on golf re-starting in Wales.

Following recent Welsh Government announcements and the revision of certain Covid-19 related restrictions golf clubs are permitted to open if they so wish. It is entirely at each golf club’s discretion as to whether they choose to open and if so when they choose to do so. We would advise that clubs that do wish to re-open do not do so immediately so as to ensure they have sufficient protocols in place to adhere to these guidelines, which we will be on hand to assist with. This would allow for a managed and co-ordinated reintroduction of golf across Wales from next Monday 18 May at the earliest.

The latest guidance from Welsh Government on leaving home to exercise can be accessed by clicking here .

The following information has been taken from the Welsh Government’s website and it helps explain in more detail the regulations in place.

Will golf courses reopen?

Under our guidelines, golf courses are not listed as a business or premise that must remain closed.

“The regulations state that exercise should be done locally, which means people cannot drive to exercise outside their local area; people also cannot exercise with anyone other than a member of their own household. More than two people congregating in a public place is regarded as a gathering, which is an offence under the regulations.

“We are continuing to prepare for the future, working with our partners and stakeholders. We would expect Wales Golf, working with the R&A and other UK governing bodies, to monitor the situation in England closely where golf will be permitted from May 13 and prepare detailed protocols* for a potential partial resumption in Wales when the conditions are right.

(*Protocols for Playing Golf in the UK Under COVID-19 Restrictions prepared by the R&A and the Golf Industry can be accessed by clicking here .)

Can I drive somewhere to exercise?

In general, exercise should not involve people driving away from home to exercise. No journeys outside your local area should be taken to exercise in the countryside, at the coast or at other beauty spots, for example – many beauty spots have been closed to prevent people gathering.

However, people with specific health or mobility issues may need to travel a short distance from their home to exercise. For example, some wheelchair users may not be able to exercise immediately outside their homes for practical reasons. In such circumstances the journey should be to the nearest convenient accessible location.

Our laws are clear that you must exercise alone or with members of your household.

What do we mean by local?

People should not travel a significant distance from their home to exercise.

We have deliberately not defined this more precisely as it could be seen to be arbitrary and it will also depend on the circumstances – what people perceive to be “local” in Cardiff on the one hand, and in Mid Wales on the other, could be quite different.

“People are asked to exercise good judgement and common sense. If you live in Cardiff and have driven to Porthcawl to exercise on the beach, you haven’t stayed local.”

Wales Golf staff will continue to be available for all clubs in Wales to assist with implementing regulations and guidelines and ensuring any return to play can be conducted safely. If you require assistance please email

Wales Golf would urge all member clubs and golfers to comply with the regulations in a responsible manner.

If clubs or members are found to be in breach of these guidelines then it could lead to Welsh Government introducing measures that force golf courses to close.

Note:- All the regulations referred to above are from Welsh Government and not from Wales Golf. Wales Golf will continue to work closely with Welsh Government towards the resumption of golf in Wales when the conditions are right.