Guidance for Members for Monday May 18th

Please see the guidance for all members to ensure adherence to social distancing whilst on the golf course from Monday 18th May 2020, if further clarity is required please visit the Wales Golf Website for full details.

Re-Opening of Baron Hill on Monday May 18

Dear Baron Hill Golf Club Members,

As promised please find below the first phase of relaxation of the lockdown enabling us to open the course, we have taken Wales Golf’s advice and a copy of their latest guidelines can be found on the Wales Golf Website.

We will monitor weekly the level of bookings to identify whether or not we have spare capacity & are able to relax some of the short-term measures below as well as taking further guidance from Wales Golf as & when it becomes available.

We discussed with Wales Golf what they deemed as local travel, they explained they cannot put a number of miles golfers are able to travel as many golfers in Mid-Wales have to travel a significant distance shop/golf, they are advising golfers to ensure they have bag tags to prove the destination of their journey.

We advise all members to adhere to the NHS guidance for those shielding & at higher risk from COVID-19.

  1. The clubhouse & locker-rooms will remain closed, if you require access to your lockers to get equipment please contact Wyn to arrange a suitable time;
  2. The club’s buggies will not be available for hire, although personal buggies are permitted;
  3. 9 Holes per day at this stage;
  4. Restricted to 1-Balls per hole or pairs if from the same household;
  5. All golfers are strongly advised to carry with them in their golf bag hand sanitiser gel;
  6. Arrive promptly for your tee time and do not spend more time than necessary in the car park or around the clubhouse before or after your round of golf;
  7. Only play a single ball;
  8. Do not look for lost balls;
  9. Do not walk back to the tee box to play a second ball – drop a penalty ball one meter on the fairway as close as possible to the point your ball was lost;
  10. Mark your balls very well so you can easily recognise them;
  11. The bunker behind the 9th green is to be GUR until further notice;
  12. If you encounter another member on the course ensure you adopt at least the minimum (2m) social distancing rules;
  13. There will be no flags on the course and the hole will be cut in the centre of the green. The cups will be shallow so it will be easy to remove the ball without touching the cup;
  14. Ball washers, seating etc will be taped up – please avoid touching them and any other fixed article on the course;
  15. There will be no bins on the course so please take your rubbish home with you.

Those failing to follow these guidelines will face repercussions as we as a club could be reported & closed if we are not seen to be acting responsibly to ensure social distancing is fully observed.

If any members have any queries please E-Mail the club

Kind Regards,

Baron Hill Golf Club

Board of Directors