Guidance for Members from Monday 1st June In Phase 2 for Member Only

Guidance for Baron Hill Golf Club Members following the latest Update from the first Minister of Wales & following clarification sought by Wales Golf

Baron Hill Returning to Golf Phase 2 to commence 1st June 2020

Dear Baron Hill Golf Club Members,

Every golfer should be guided by the message of – Play Safe, Stay safe.

The document below has been produced to provide members with information on what golf will look like at Baron Hill from Monday 1st June. This is Phase 2; we expect the guidelines and our ability to manage certain areas to change as time progresses and we will then move into Phase 3,4 and so on.

The course has been back open for 2 weeks now under Phase 1 and we would like to thank members for adhering to the guidelines that we have put in place to keep everyone safe. Please continue to do so, it is imperative that every member follows the rules laid out as it is ONLY YOU who will close our course if these rules are not adhered to. We will be having inspections and we must not break or bend any of the rules or policies laid out.

Following on from yesterday’s announcement from the First Minister, Clarification was sought from Golf Wales as to what these further relaxations of the lockdown meant to Golf in Wales. We have attached the latest Guidelines published yesterday evening by Golf Wales which will come into effect from the 1st June. We are a nine hole golf course & what may appear safe for eighteen hole courses may not be safely applied to nine hole courses where players are not able to spread out over a full eighteen holes, particularly when playing holes 2 3 & 4.

Course Access

In the initial period following re-opening, the course will be open to members only. To access the course, a player must:

• Not have returned from abroad during the last 14 days

• Not be in self-isolation and not required to self-isolate

• Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms

• Have a pre-reserved tee time in your name.

Booking Golf

• Tee times are for members only.

• Tee times will be for 1 ,2 or 3 balls. Please see below for details.

• 18 holes per day is now permitted.

Two balls: Two players from one household two players from different households.

Three balls: Three players from one household or two players from one household with one from another household.

Facilities & General Advice

• The clubhouse and facilities will remain closed.

• The practice chipping green and putting green will remain closed for the time being

• Toilets will be closed.

• You are not permitted to be on the premises without a booking in your name.

Arrival & Waiting to Play

• Members are asked to arrive at the club no earlier than 20 minutes before their allotted tee time.

• Parking, please observe social distancing guidelines

• Arrange golf equipment and change footwear at the car. Changing rooms and washrooms will not be open.

• Make your way straight to the first tee once you are ready to play golf.

• Please avoid parking alongside each other at this stage


• Members can use their own trollies or ride on buggies.

• There will be no buggy hire available until Phase 3.

• With so many 1-ball golfers on the course at the moment, please carry a mobile phone in case of an emergency.

Course Set Up / Playing Procedures

• Always ensure social distancing.

• All play must start from the 1st Tee.

• All holes must be played in order. Skipping of holes is NOT ALLOWED.

• Keep up with the group in front. Please let the group behind through if they are playing faster than you whilst observing social distancing.

• A 1 ball can replay a shot once to assist with pace of play, but ‘practicing’ is not allowed on the course.

• No Rakes in bunkers, please smooth over with your feet once you have played your shot 9th bunker preferred lies.

• Course furniture taped off such as benches, bins etc.

• Please do not leave litter on the course.

• Do not look for other players balls.

• Do not touch stray golf balls.

• Keep your distance from group in front and behind.

• Scorecards can be used but must not be exchanged.

• Equipment, food and drink must not be exchanged between players.

• Please always give greenkeeper priority and continue to observe the 2m social distancing requirements. The greens staff are not to be approached at any time.

From the 18th Green

• Ensure social distancing

• On completion of your round, golfers must return to the car park and leave the area as soon as possible.

• The clubhouse patio and balcony area are not to be used.

• Pack equipment away and depart without delay.

Further Updates

This document has been created to ensure all Members and staff remain safe whilst visiting Baron Hill Golf Club. The situation surrounding COVID-19 and golf is ever changing and as such the above guidelines will be regularly reviewed in line with the latest Government recommendations.

Any amendments will be added and distributed to Members as and when appropriate. Members not adhering to the above guidelines will be asked to leave the facility immediately and may face repercussions such as suspension.

At this time, we do not know how long phase 2 will last. As and when information is given, we will communicate each phase change with you.

We thank you all for your continued support, positivity and patience that has been shown throughout this period and we look forward to welcoming you back to the club soon.

We advise all members to adhere to the NHS guidance for those shielding & at higher risk from COVID-19.

If any members have any queries please E-Mail the club

Kind Regards,

Baron Hill Golf Club

Board of Directors