Storws Wen & Henllys Hall shared the spoils @ Storws Wen both scoring 168 points, scores were very close on the day with only 7 points between 1st & 6th.

Full Result of Round 2 as per AGU Website

1st Storws Wen 168 Pts

2nd Henllys Hall 168 Pts

3rd Bull Bay 167 Pts

4th Anglesey 166 Pts

5th Baron HIll 162 Pts

6th Holyhead 161 Pts

Standings after Round 2

1st Henllys Hall 362 Pts

2nd Baron Hill 361 Pts

3rd Anglesey 354 Pts

4th Storws Wen 352 Pts

5th Bull Bay 347 Pts

6th Holyead 340 Pts

Good Luck for Round 3 at Bull Bay GC